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Cure Urethral Stricture
As per old saying “once a stricture always a stricture” in present era there are different modalities for stricture urethra are practiced such as dilatation, urethroplasty, stent etc. but with all these modalities there...

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Kahalekar Ayurveda Hospital is one of the leading providers of - Traditional Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments, Ayurvedic consultation and specialized in Urethral Stricture Treatment.

Kahalekar Ayurveda Hospital is a specialized natural ayurvedic treatment center providing Ayurvedic as wel as herbal treatment to patients under the guidance and supervision of fully qualified Ayurvedic doctors.

It is designed to complement and support the healthcare services and full fill needs of the patients who are unable to find relief for their diseases and illnesses by conventional treatment methods.
KAH Special Treatment Center for Urethral Stricture KHA
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Video Testimonials   Mr. Rasvate
  In1995 Mr. Govind Rasvate diagnosed as Urethral Stricture, for the 1st time. The Urosergeon in Nanded have done dilatation, and then again he suffered the same problem in 1997. He had...

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